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THE TOWER OF THE OLD KING is near to these cities:
Mantua, Brescia, Verona, Cremona, Milan and Venice

MANTUA (from the B & B is Km 45)
It 'been declared World Heritage Site' UNESCO on 7 / 72008, as an exceptional testimony of achievements urban architecture.
* From the bridge of San Giorgio is possible to admire the famous skyline of Mantua "very impressive at sunset.
* Castle of St. George the confluence of three lakes that line the streets of Mantua (Upper Lake, Lower Lake, Lake Middle)
* Heart of Mantua piazza Sordello Renaissance
* Ducal Palace, residence of the Gonzaga family, are preserved many treasures, statues, tapestries, paintings.
* PALAZZO TE built between 1525 and 1534 by Giuliano Romano

BRESCIA (from the B & B is Km 34)
Second city after Milan of Lombardy is one of the largest province of Italy.
Brescia is a city waiting to be discovered, industrious, full of cultural tradition, with a historic center of all respect.
Places to visit:
* CAPITOLIUM temple dedicated to Jupiter, Juno and Minerva.
* Santa Giulia Museum: houses a vast collezionedi local findings, archaeological.
 * The Old Cathedral (or round) in Piazza Paolo VI
Always central to visit historic places:
* Victoria Square
* Piazza della Loggia, is the most beautiful city
* THE CLOCK TOWER: sixteenth-century building, houses inside a complex mechanical device able to signal the hour, the moon phases and signs of the zodiac on two different quadrants. On the top there are two men with a hammer and called in the dialect of Brescia "The Macc De Ure" or "the crazy hours" that mark the time playing against the bell ..
* Cidneo Hill: the summit is the Castle of Brescia, Museo del Risorgimento Italian
* Tosio MARTINENGO: masterpieces including works by Raphael, Lorenzo Lotto and Tintoretto
* MUSEUM OF A THOUSAND MILES: It 's located at the' inside of a monastery at the foot of Colle Maddalena. The museum dedicated to the famous racing cars and sports antiques, photographs, clothing, signs, gas pumps and quant'alto storiadella belongs to the event, to step back in time through a guided tour rather than dynamic.

VERONA (from the B & B is about 40 Km)
It can be seen, the second city after Rome in Italy, for the presence of Roman remains so well preserved.
* ARENA: It 's the most famous monument in Verona. Approaching quietly and imagine it filled with crowds as in the times of ancient Romans, it is not difficult, just close my eyes. Set in Piazza Bra, the amphitheater of Verona was built in the first half of the first century AD
* HOME MOTHER: Better known as "Juliet's House" dates from the thirteenth century.
* CASTELVECCHIO: Manor Scala wanted to Can Grande II, was built in 1354-57 on existing fortifications.
* PIAZZA BRA ': Or more correctly "THE BRA'"is the name of the central square and largest city of Verona. The widening of the 'BRA', which covers an area of 6,000 metri2, unlike the most famous squares created to serve the function, just squares, randomly created a urban transformation through time 300 years.

CREMONA (from the B & B is about 50 km)
* TOWN SQUARE: one of the most beautiful Italian squares, in medieval style.
* TORRAZZO: symbol of the city. It 's a very high tower with 487 steps from where you can admire a beautiful landscape. This is the highest in Italy historic bell
* CATHEDRAL: Located in the square, is considered a wonderful work of Romanesque architecture.
* THE PALACE OF THE TOWN: ancient seat of government of Cremona, who holds five precious violins.

MILAN (from Our B & B is located 120 km)
The best times to visit Milan are the spring and early autumn, for the serenity of the landscape.
* Basilica of Saint Ambrose: It 's a beautiful example of Romanesque basilica dedicated to the patron saint of the city (Dec. 7)
* Sforzesco Castle: The castle was founded in the will of the '300 Visconti, over the centuries it was used as a residence as well, largely as a military fortress. It now houses a museum.
* Dock: A system of canals, cosruiti from the middle of the twelfth century. The canals of Milan are a network of waterways in the past that allowed the transport between the Ticino river, the Po and the Adda.
* Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II: "Geographically," connects Piazza Duomo with Piazza della Scala. Work began in 1865, was inaugurated in the presence of King Vittorio Emanuele II, which was dedicated as EVIC written by imposing triumphal arch, which stands at the entrance from Piazza Duomo.
THE CATHEDRAL CATHEDRAL: The late Gothic architecture itliana, as well as the third Catholic church in the world for size, can accommodate 40,000 people.
The highest spire reaches to 108.5 meters and is topped by a statue of "Madonna" the win of 3900 in gold leaf
* ROYAL PALACE: In the heart of the city, next to the Duomo, sitrova the beautiful building, a former palace of sovranidi Milan. Its ancient history and the centrality make it particularly suited to the preparation of temporary exhibitions, are organized in large richiamoche prestigious frescoed halls.

VENICE (from the B & B is about 155 km)
Jaw-dropping for the wonder of its buildings, you could start your visit by taking a boat on the Grand Canal and continue on foot through alleys and squares.
* THE GRAND CANAL: along the banks of the "Canalasso" as they call it the Venice line up 200 magnificent palaces, built on stilts old Venetian aristocracy.
* Saint Mark's Square in Venice, the only one that bears the name of "square", all other calls "fields. " E 'for his exceptional decoration called the most beautiful square in the world.
All the way, seems like a huge marble hall open.
* St. Mark's Basilica: Cathedral and seat of the patriarchate since 1807.
* Palazzo Ducale in the course of its history has become more important functions: it was the seat of government of the Serenissima, the courthouse and the residence of the Doge.

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